Yoga Conference

Who Attends a Yoga Journal LIVE Event?

Who comes to the events?
Yogis of every experience level from brand new beginners to those who have been teaching for years. The event is a great convergence of yogis of all ages and backgrounds from around the country and abroad.

I like yoga, but I'm not an advanced student or a teacher. Is it for me?
Yes! You need not be an advanced practitioner to enjoy an event. If you are unfamiliar with many of the styles of yoga represented at a Yoga Journal LIVE event, this is your chance to dive in and explore. An open mind is a great asset for your conference experience as you will find many new ideas presented. The events offers a unique opportunity to study with the teachers you have read about or perhaps even seen on DVDs. It is an opportunity to experience world-class yoga instruction, to discover how your favorite styles of yoga are evolving, and to sample various styles of yoga in one place.

I've been taking yoga for 2 years but not regularly, should I take the classes in the Beginners Track?
The Beginners Track is designed to give new yoga students the foundations to start their yoga practice. If you have studied some yoga, you may find the beginner classes too basic, but you may also find that these classes address the fundamentals that can deepen your practice. Every yoga student is different so it is difficult to recommend which classes will be a fit for you. We encourage you to explore the course descriptions and faculty biographies and see which classes pique your interest. Yoga Journal LIVE is a chance for you to explore various styles of yoga all in one place.

I'm not a yoga teacher but am thinking about becoming one. Are the Continue Your Education classes for me?
The Continue Your Education classes are geared towards yoga teachers and teachers-in-training. However, advanced students thinking about becoming yoga teachers may appreciate the in-depth discussions and explorations that these classes provide.

What is included in my tuition fees?
In addition to your classes you have access to daily special events-morning meditations, keynote address, panel discussions, lunchtime workshops, kirtans, and evening events. (All special events are free unless otherwise noted.) Transportation, meals, and lodging are not included in tuition fees.