Yoga Conference

Manoj Chalam uses humor and personal anecdotes in his lectures and workshops to illuminate Hindu mythology. An Indian-born scientist with a PhD from Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals find their archetypes in Hindu yogic deities and teaches the four ways to work with an archetype as a Vedantic practice. Manoj, who has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deities, presents workshops at yoga studios, ashrams, and universities and gives keynotes at festivals on Hindu symbolism and Tantra.

Jyothi Chalam is a scholar of Vedanta, the philosophy of self-realization. Jyothi teaches workshops on the Upanishads at ashrams, yoga studios, and yoga conferences. Jyothi is also an accomplished musician of the South Indian Classical tradition. Her music is the culmination of both her philosophical meditations and deep spiritual devotion.