APRIL 19-22, 2018


Reclaiming the Body: #MeToo and the Yoga of Resilience


Join us for a special panel discussion
Friday, April 20  7:30pm-9:30pm
Free admission

Reclaiming the Body: #MeToo and the Yoga of Resilience

YogisAs yoga students and teachers voice stories of sexual misconduct, bias, and intimidation in the #metoo era, we can start to piece together a story of power imbalance that goes back decades, if not centuries.

Acknowledging these destructive patterns is the first step toward collective change. But what is the next step? How can the yoga community train the lens of awareness on its own behavior and dynamics? How do we establish boundaries, safety, and a system of accountability?

Join Yoga Journal LIVE and several special guests for a free panel discussion that offers a multidisciplinary perspective and practical advice on next steps for teachers, practitioners, and the industry at large. Panelists will touch on the collective pain brought about by revelations, the marginalization of vulnerable voices, the science of trauma and how it can leave a lasting residue, concepts of resilience and post-traumatic growth, and ideas to help us move from #MeToo to never again. How do we reclaim yoga and the mind-body benefits that have served us all?


Bo Forbes, psychologist, yoga teacher trainer, founder of Embodied Awareness, and research collaborator in the science of embodiment and well-being

Naimah Johnson, licensed therapist, yoga instructor, doula, and community activist

David Lipsius, CEO and president of Yoga Alliance

Amina Naru, secretary of Yoga Service Council

Chelsea Jackson Roberts, founder of Red Clay Yoga, Off the Mat Into the World faculty

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