Yoga Conference

Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is a yogini fire keeper, sacred activist, global adventurer, and leading innovator in the evolution of Prana Flow Yoga--a transformational vinyasa flow integrating the Tantric bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharya's teachings, and a universal, quantum approach to the body. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic, and life-transforming ways and for offering the synthesis form of Prana Flow out in the world. Shiva is the creator of Prana Flow Yoga, Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, Yogadventure Retreats, Yoga Trance Dance for Life, Moving Activism for 1,008,000 Trees, the worldwide Global Mala Project, and award-winning CDs and DVDs for home practice. Learn more at
Shiva Rea's classes at Yoga Journal LIVE: San Francisco
   + Igniting the New Cycle: A Full-Day Immersion to Activate Women's Vitality and Creative Power
   + Fire and Flow: Prana Vinyasa - Awakening the Inner Fire through Agni Namaskar
   + Tantric Prana Vinyasa: The Flow of Consciousness
   + Yogini Shakti: The Art of Mula Bandha for Women for Vitality and Creative Power